Policy for In Home Private Lessons:


When students enroll, keep in mind they are enrolling for the full academic year.  

Sitting in lessons

All parents are welcome to sit in on private lessons with young beginning students until the student is comfortable with the teacher. I strongly encourage one parent to attend the lesson at least once a month for younger students. For these students, having a parent attend a monthly lesson greatly motivates and helps the student with daily practice at home.


Materials and Instrument

Students must have an acoustic piano or full size 88 keys weighted digital piano at home. When a student progresses to early intermediate levels, acoustic pianos are preferred.   If you need help renting an acoustic piano, please feel free to speak with me about it. Beginning students without a piano may rent from me a full size digital piano for a reasonable monthly fee.  

Students are required to keep a quality metronome (digital or with a dial), notebook, and a binder to keep track of their assignments. I will be happy to guide students on what to purchase.

I usually refer parents to purchase new books through Amazon or sheetmuscplus.com  Tuition does not cover supplementary sheet music or books.


Tuning twice a year is needed for acoustic pianos.  I will be more than happy to recommend the tuner I use for my pianos.  


I organize two studio recitals in a year at my home. Performance at my home studio recitals are mandatory.  I also offer performing opportunities organized by professional music organizations such as the Music Teachers' Association of California (MTAC, Alameda County Branch), and the Music Teachers National Association (MTNA, San Francisco and Walnut Creek Chapters).  The recitals organized by MTAC and MTNA are open to all teaching studios in the chapters.  These recitals are very good learning opportunities for students to perform in and to learn from other students.  

There is a small fee for home studio recital participation to help cover printing program costs etc.

Teaching Sessions

The studio teaching schedule is divided into 4 sessions. Please see the calendar for a list of days that I will not be teaching.  

Fall Session: Aug 26th - Dec 20st

Winter Session: Jan 6th - March 28th 

Spring Session: Apr 6th - Jun 5th

Summer Session: Jun 22th -Aug 15h

Tuition for In Home Private Lessons

Tuition covers not only the individual time spent with the student, but also the following:

  • travel time

  • lesson preparation/creating a tailored lesson plan for the student's course of study

  • teaching expenses

  • development of teaching materials (music games, supplementary worksheets, visual props etc)

  • administrative tasks and bookkeeping

  • organizing recitals

  • professional organization memberships

  • music library

Please understand that the tuition you pay reserves an exclusive weekly time in my schedule for your child.  I cannot resell that time, nor can I create extra teaching time to give lessons. Payment for piano lessons is due in full whether the student attends each scheduled lesson or not.

Tuition is charged monthly, and paid at the first lesson of each month.  Statements will be emailed out to families on the 27th of the prior month.  I will charge a $10 late payment fee if tuition is not paid by the end of the first lesson.  If a student misses or reschedules the first lesson of the month, payment for that month is still due on the original lesson date and not the rescheduled date.  

All payments are accepted in the form of exact cash or check payable to Yvonne Ho-Massey's Piano Studio, LLC.  A $25 penalty will be charged for returned checks.  

Tuition does not include the cost of music books or other music events.

I will prorate the monthly tuition if you are a new student starting mid month.  

Lessons cancelled for instructor illness or emergencies will be made up or the tuition fee will be credited to your account.

Piano for Pre-schoolers (age 3-5) - 35 minute lessons

$168 / 4 weekly lessons in a month

$210 / 5 weekly lessons in a month

Weekly Private lessons (age 5 and up) 

$248 / 4 weekly 45 min lessons in a month

$310 / 5 weekly 45 min lessons in a month

$328 / 4 weekly 60 min lessons in a month

$410 / 5 weekly 60 min lessons in a month

Summer Semester

In order to retain their place in the fall, students must take a minimum of 5 lessons over the summer semester.  Lessons are scheduled at the beginning of summer to accommodate everyone's vacation schedules.  


A tardy student will be given only the time remaining in his or her lesson period.

Make-Up Lessons

A 24 hour notice of cancellation must be given by the student to qualify for up to two make-up lessons in a semester.  The two make-up lessons must be redeemed within the same semester or the make-up lessons will be forfeited.  Two Sundays in a semester are set aside for make-up lessons. Please see the studio calendar.

Last minute rescheduling or lesson cancellations (less than 24 hour notice) by a student for any reason will not be made up with the following exception: if the student becomes ill overnight or comes home sick, notify me right away and a make-up lessons will be scheduled.  One of the two make-up lessons offered within the semester will be scheduled for this circumstance.  

Missed Lessons

Lessons missed without prior notice will not be made-up nor the fees refunded.  

Lessons cancelled due to my illness or family emergencies will be made up within the same semester or the tuition fee will be credited to your account.

Referrals Welcome!

I'm slowly building up my teaching studio after relocation to Alameda.  I appreciate your referrals, and will credit your account $20 for each family who signs up for piano lessons based on your referral.