Policy for Pre-School Sunrise Music class:

The Studio is a no-shoe policy studio.  Please leave your shoes out on the porch. 

A parent or a caregiver must attend each lesson with the student.  This is a special bonding time for you and your child to focus on music.  Therefore, I ask that no siblings be brought to class unless a special arrangement has been made with me beforehand.

There are no lesson fee refunds or make-ups for missed classes.  Please notify me if your child must miss a class.  I will arrange to pass on the homework for that week.

A class that must be cancelled due to the instructor’s illness, etc., will be rescheduled at a later date that is convenient for the majority. 

Class Cancellation: If a class does not have at least 4 families in it, the instructor will likely cancel it and offer full tuition refund. 

Refund: The instructor will offer a full tuition refund up to the day before the session starts.  There are no refunds once classes have started. 

Exact cash or checks are payable to Yvonne Ho-Massey’s Piano Studio, LLC.  (A $25 dollar fee will be assessed for bounced checks)

Materials and deposit fee is due upon enrollment.  Your fee goes towards any crafts we use in classes and goes towards the Sunrise book, CD, puppet, and instrument.

Tuition for Sunrise class is due on the first day of class.  If tuition is not received upon the first class, a $10 late fee will be applied to each child. 

Summer/Winter 6-week session $90

Fall/Spring 8-week session: $120

Deposit and materials fee: $40

All sessions will cover 10 lessons

Referrals Welcome!

I'm slowly building up my teaching studio after relocation to Alameda.  I appreciate your referrals, and will credit your account $20 for each family who signs up for my Sunrise Music Class based on your referral.